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Helping Nature's Balance  Western Juniper Reclamation and Utilization

Juniper is often considered “public enemy No. 1”.  Yes, it is a native species, but after decades of fire suppression and grazing have allowed the tree to spread voraciously over Eastern and Central Oregon. Our finding wood that has already been  downed is another plus to the “going green” movement, because we're just utilizing something which could otherwise be a complete waste.


Thinking of all of the possibilities to help combat this problem and recycle the wood, we launched Joseph’s Juniper in 2011. As a juniper reclamation and lumber business we're providing organic alternative wood products to people who want  something more natural than the chemically treated lumber typically used in landscaping and fencing projects and we're helping in restoring juniper's reputation. 

Juniper is a nice locally sourced alternative to redwoods or cedar woods. You don’t have to treat it — it’s naturally rot-resistant. It’s also supporting the local economy and is tied to rangeland restoration.  We're harvesting, milling and processing reclaimed juniper wood for everything from firewood to lumber suitable for landscaping, fencing and decking, wainscoting and more. Organic or “going green” wineries are a huge part of the industry wanting juniper. Such  wineries cannot use any kind of wood that has chemicals on it, like pressure-treated poles, so juniper is a real benefit to their purposes.



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We're helping to control overgrowth of Juniper 

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