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Western Juniper Trees
Much more than a noxious weed!

Joseph's Juniper, Inc. is an energetic company located in Eastern Oregon, owned and operating by Gerard Joseph and Lori LaBrecque!


We work very hard salvaging and reclaiming Western Juniper trees, including those that are downed, dead, or considered an invasive problem. Rather than waste this strong beautiful wood, we process and mill it into durably useful and beautiful to enjoy!


Tel (541) 573-1237 

Cell (503) 931-6287



We're Being Green!

Joseph's Juniper, Inc. takes pride in being a 'green' company, mindfully operating in ways which minimize damage to the environment and utilize - rather than waste all resulting by-products. Not only are we producing organic juniper wood products, we're also producing family wage jobs in the Hines / Burns, Oregon area!

Juniper Wood Products

The wood products we offer give new options for fencing, wall boards, and uniquely beautiful pieces of wood, so if you are looking for juniper wood products (or if you have juniper wood to be reclaimed), please contact us!

Juniper wood products which includes:

  • Juniper wood lumber for sale

  • Juniper wood makes a stunning fireplace mantel

  • Juniper wood for beautifully unique furniture & art creations

  • Artistic Juniper pillars & beams

  • Rustic Juniper wood fencing

  • Milled Juniper wood square & round stock for sale

  • Raised garden beds of Juniper

  • Juniper wood for decking

  • Landscaping with Juniper wood

  • Juniper wood butcher block

  • Juniper firewood and more!

Western Juniper makes great fencing!




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Tel 541-573-1237  or Cell 503-931-6287